Shipping & Delivery

We do not physically ship at the post office on Sundays as our Post Office is not Open on Sundays. We will however package and print postage as soon as payment is received. Again, our items are thoroughly tested and will never be D.O.A. We will ship internationally at buyers expense via Worldwide Shipping. We will not wait for VPN information more than 1 day because it affects our shipping times. Please have it ready upon the sale. If you do not have your VPN SERVICE information by the second day we will ship the router regardless as it affects our shipping times if we don't. We can always install it later using our remote VPN service installation technology.

We currently only ship using the United States Postal Service.

We will ship all of our items Domestically (US) for flat rate of $14.95.

Non-US residence must pay full shipping. In the event that shipping is not calculated correctly we will contact you and invoice you for the difference before shipping.

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