[ General Return Policy ]

We will take returns on defective items at the buyers expense (Customer pays Return Shipping) for a 1 for 1 swap.

Our items our thoroughly inspected and tested before packaging so it is unlikely a customer ever gets a "lemon."

For ALL returns, the Item must come back with all items we have shipped to the customer.

We do not play games with scammers attempting to get over on us. We have taken security measures to insure we are protected against electronic swap scams including hardware evidence and security seals. These routers are fully tested and serial #’s cannot be removed and video evidence of what is shipped is recorded. We work hard to provide this equipment at affordable costs. Returns will be subject to inspection of the Unit for Tampering and/or modification of the Purchased Firmware outside of the scope of this product. If customer has chosen to modify your firmware to something other than what we have installed it is at customers own risk and voids the return policy and equipment is subject to a 25% refurbishing fee for altering equipment.


[Inability to understand technology]

We do not accept returns because you do not know how to use the technology.
This is the same as returning a car because you don't know how to drive it.

These routers have custom firmware that is extremely powerful and we expect our customers to have the capacity to know how to google and search for information and basic knowledge of how to connect to a router. If you don't feel you can handle this additional level of technology, DO NOT PURCHASE IT.