DD-WRT is a Linux-based firmware project developed to upgrade and enhance wireless Internet routers. This open-source firmware was developed for specific router models and is used as a replacement for the factory default firmware. This modification lifts restrictions built-in to the default firmware, providing advanced capabilities to make your Internet and Home Network more controllable and versatile.



Here is a short list of the top features and benefits of DD-WRT:

1.       IPv6 support. With IPv4 addresses becoming increasingly scarce, you’ll appreciate DD-WRT’s built-in IPv6 support.

2.      Advanced Quality of Service controls are available on some DD-WRT builds.

3.      A highly configurable and very powerful firewall that is based on  iptables firewall construction. You can easily edit the iptables  firewall via DD-WRT’s interface.

4.      DNScontrols such as DNSmasq, which allows simplified DNS  configuration behind the firewall and makes host-name lookup faster. You  also get support for DNS providers such as No-IP, TZo, DynDNS and  others.

5.      The access point is visible only to your wireless clients, preventing inadvertently giving access to each client’s shared files.

6.      Easy access to multiple source access-control solutions such as WiFiDog, HotSpot System, ChilliSpot and others.

7.      Mmore extensions. You can add  functionality far beyond the original limitations of the router, such as  external USB connectors.

8.      DD-WRT plays well with VPN. Instead of configuring each of your devices to connect to a VPN you can configure the router itself to connect over VPN, protecting all devices on your network.

9.      And much more!


Some DD-WRT  Highlights:


Feature Mega
Access restrictions Yes
AnchorFree Yes
Bandwidth monitoring Yes
ChilliSpot Yes
Dynamic DNS Yes
HTTPS option for web management Yes
IPv6 Yes
JFFS2[a] Yes
XLink Kai (kaid) Yes
MMC/SD card support Yes
NoCat Yes
OpenVPN Yes
PPTP/PPTP Client Yes
Quality of service Yes
IPv6 Router Advertisement Daemon (radvd) Yes
Linking routers/repeater/mBSSID Yes
RFlow (traffic information) Yes
Samba/CIFS client Yes
Milkfish SIP router Yes
SPI firewall/IPtables Yes
SSHd Yes
Telnetd Yes
Transmit (Tx) power adjustment Yes
UPnP Yes
Wake-on-LAN Yes
WPA/WPA2 personal/enterprise Yes
Wiviz Yes