All of our routers connect on   

(Unless VPN Installation requested then we normally use

The router will ship will be It will be labeled with a sticker denoting which IP it was set up on with the default username and pass.

Note: Notice that the URL's are http and not HTTPS. This is because https requires certificate authorities to verify domains and routers by default are not assigned as domain names. Your browser may try to automatically add HTTPS in front of the IP you are typing into your address bar. This is a common cause of customers not being able to connect to their router web interface.


[Default Username and Pass]
username:  root
password:  admin


[ How to connect ]
Use the CAT5 cable and Plug into any of the LAN ports on the router.
Every one of our routers are tested minutes before it ships.



1) Use Firefox or Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. Google chrome has been known to cause router firmware to firewall the PC because of multiple login attempts from chrome that the router believes to be an attack.

2) Set a static IP on your Ethernet Adapter