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Who we are..

CovertRouters (A division of SploitWorks LLC) is dedicated to offering affordable Custom “Pre-Flashed” (Primarily Open-Source Flashed Router) Firmware Routers to fit your budget, home or business objectives. Ranging from Small Homes to Business Needs, CovertRouters will guarantee a cost effective product with minimal hassles. We aim to give our customers the biggest bang for their buck for VPN routers. Why pay more for the same?

Our Primary Goal is to provide Custom Flashed routers to compete with other companies who are overcharging for this service. Although we can easily provide Brand New Routers “Pre-Flashed”, our mission is to give you the same product for less. This passes considerable savings on to the customers and allows for everyone to win. If you do want a Brand New Router Pre-Flashed we will accommodate that request. We are all about customer satisfaction. Just know that new doesn’t mean better in this particular technology.

We make sure all Refurbished Routers are free from Memory Errors, LAN and WAN PORT Errors, Wifi Radio Errors, CPU problems and Many More. We contract with suppliers that don’t have the time or business models to individually refurbish these great routers.

Summary of what we do.

1) Refurbish Quality “Industry Reliable” Routers. We prevent powerful internet routers from ending up in land fills and give them a new life they wouldn't normally have because of their manufacturers moving on to newer models. We also utilize materials for shipping that are the most ECO friendly, such as newspaper instead of packing peanuts or plastics of we can on our refurb units.

2) Flash customized router Firmware, such as DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato, AdvancedTomato, CeroWRT, Gargoyle, LibreCMC and Stock Firmware if requested. We also are able to build custom images for specific applications (Like Custom OpenWRT Builds for example).

3) Provide reliable communication to customers. We want 100% customer satisfaction and will do what it takes to make sure our customers are happy and have a reliable product.

4) Deliver speedy and expedited shipping as necessary for customer objectives.

5) Install VPN service provider accounts on our routers and/or custom installs as requested.

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