VPN Installation Info

VPN Information you should know.


After you purchase the router from us, we will have your Paypal Email Address. We will then contact you directly through this email address to complete your setup unless you contact us over telegram or text message first. Please be available. It is extremely annoying when customers make a purchase and expect we will know everything without providing us with information. 

Contacting us during your setup. Why this is important.

*** NOTE *** It is mandatory that you have a working Email Address to receive the setup documents.

We will send you basic setup documents and the setup log of your router.

DO NOT LOSE THESE DOCUMENTS... They contain information on how to access your WiFi and connect to the router.

Make sure and check your Junk-Mail folder after your purchase for documents from us.

General VPN Setup Q & A

Q) What do I need from CovertRouters to get up and running?PrivateInternetAccess.com

A) You need to first have purchased a VPN service provider account Like Private Internet Access to the right (See the Ad).


Once you get your VPN Service Provider Account, you will fill out this form.

Once you have completed that form we can install your service on the router you purchase from us for a fee of $25.00 if we have the router in our possession or $50.00 if we are doing it and the router is in your possession.



Q) How will you charge me for the VPN service install on the router?

After the Ebay Sale, because each customer setup is unique, we will invoice you directly. IF you do not pay this invoice timely your router order will not be shipped timely.

For customers ordering direct:: We Take Paypal or Bitcoin. By shopping on the web shopping cart this is the automatic way of shopping. We use Paypal as a means of safety for our customers and ourselves. Bitcoin is accepted to remain anonymous.

Q) What VPN Service do you recommend I should I buy?

A) We highly recommend PrivateInternetAccess because they do not force 256 Bit.Encryption (Which is complete overkill). It makes the router VPN Speeds faster.

Q) What VPN Services should I stay away from?

Customers have had the most problems with NordVPN, ExpressVPN and PureVPN (PureVPN due to connection reliability). This is due to the companies having their servers die (being taken down) and also the fact that each of their serveds requires a different name and different certificates for each server. It is really a poor setup. With PIA or IPVanish you can just change the server name within the router and be up and running quickly.

Q) Can you make the router plug and play for me?

Yes, we.can set up your VPN Router to where it is completely plug and play, even pre-setup your Wifi SSID and Passwords. We usually do this by default to make it simple and painless and guarantee that you are protected right out of the mail. We send all documentation via email after the sale.

Q) Will Using a VPN on my Router VPN all my devices connected to it?

Yes. When a router is VPN’d, any device that connects to it will also become VPN’d. You can essentially use 1 VPN account connection on a router to VPN all of your devices. This is awesome because you can normally connect up to 5 devices (5 simultaneous Logins) on most VPN services. The router only counts as 1 of those devices. You can use the other 4 devices / logins for other locations if you like, such as your work devices or other routers in other locations for example or your phones when you travel.

Q) How much do you charge for VPN Service Installation on the router.

We charge a small fee of $25.00 for the installation IF we pre-install it. Customers who “Bring Your Own” router to us or want a VPN install done after they get the router will need to pay  $50.00 for the remote install. We are not a VPN Service provider, we only install your accounts on the router.

Q) What VPN Services can you install?

We can install almost any VPN service on a router that supports PPTP, L2TP or the OpenVPN Protocol.

These are service providers such as IPVanish, Private Internet Access, HideMyAss, NordVPN, StrongVPN, PureVPN, VPNUnlimitedApp, etc. If you see the VPN Listed on our competition’s website we can install it also. They all use the same technology to connect but each of them have different methods for the connection.

Q) Will a VPN router slow my overall internet connection down.

Installation of a VPN on a router "may" slow your internet connection down significantly depending on how fast your connection is and what encryption you are using and what router model you choose. This will only affect people who have internet pipes larger than 15-20 Mbps download or up.

On average (for example) a Netgear WNDR3800 can process at 20Mbps Max. This is a processor limitation for that model of router. For Faster VPN speeds you need a faster Router. Take into consideration our Netgear R6300v2 which processes at about 30Mbps and then the Netgear R7000 which can Process at about 40 to 50 Mbps.

Our current fastest routers VPN between 60+ Mbps and 110 Mbps

These are our:

1) Asus-RT68U 60+ Mbps

2) Linksys WRT1200AC - 85+ Mbps

3) Linksys EA8500 - 80 Mbps to 100 Mbps

4) Linksys WRT1900ACS - 100+ Mbps

5) Linksys WRT3200ACM - 110+ Mbps (Have achieved 189Mbps on PIA)

The routers have Mobile Processors that can only decrypt and encrypt data at a certain speed. Many companies will not tell you this.

However, if you are doing average surfing or torrent downloads on multiple devices then it is best to protect your whole network.

Q) Can I use a VPN router on my already existing network with another router?

Yes, you can plug the WAN (Normally Yellow Cat5 Port) connection from the CovertRouters VPN router into your LAN of the primary router, then connect to the VPN router and you will be protected. Usually we suggest setting up your VPN router to use the IP Subnet of unless you have a reason not to. Normally we ask our customers if the router we sell them will be a primary or secondary and pre-set this up for them.

Q) What VPN Service do you primarily recommend.

We highly recommend PrivateInternetAccess for America and a few other countries, because they are affordable, and zero logging policy. They are extremely affordable and very few problems.

However, for largest cover areas we suggest IPVanish because they have their own Tier1 Network. However for IPVanish we are unsure of their logging practices. Their speeds are ultra fast also.

Be aware that expensive is not always better when it comes to VPN services. Consult TorrentFreak on VPN service recommendations.

Q) If the VPN Fails, how can I make sure I am protected?

We install a VPN Kill-Switch into the firewall that blocks all internet access should the VPN fail (And they do fail). If the VPN fails you will not have internet access while connected to the VPN Router. Be prepared for this. The router will normally reboot itself within 10 minutes of detecting no internet. (That is the Watchdog Feature)

Q) Will a VPN help me Bypass Geo-restrictions on Netflix?

Netflix is not VPN friendly. They try hard to block VPN's. There are a few VPN's that do work, like expressvpn and nordvpn, and strongvpn, but eventually the servers get blocked.

Q) If I purchase a VPN, will my internet be faster?

A) No, and don't believe any of that nonsense on the web. It's all hype. If anything, you may lose some speed and this is the sacrifice you will make for your security. There are certain exceptions however that certain specific things may be faster, such as gaming or video watching.

Q) Can you configure the router as a wireless bridge?

A) Yes we can do this. You will take a performance hit in VPN speeds for doing this, but we have the know how.

A wireless bridge allows the router to connect to another router or access point (such as free wifi when you travel) instead of using the physical cat5 WAN port. It is like having an invisible wire to the internet connection.