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Ok so there is a lot of BAD information on the internet from people who have no clue what they are doing on how to set these routers up properly when DDWRT is installed.

The Optimal settings for almost all users should be as follows.

(Custom settings outside these parameters are for people who know what they are doing with those settings such as Client Bridging, Channel Conflict Resolution etc)

If I have time I will write a quick article on why these settings work the way they do.

-- 5G --

[Image: wrt3200acm-5g-wifi-settings.PNG]

-- 2G --
[Image: wrt3200acm-2g-wifi-settings.PNG]


This radio must be disables on the wrt3200acm (Used for Radar Detection?)

With this radio enabled, all kinds of stuff breaks.
It has been reported that it was included just to pass FCC requirements.
Disable it or suffer the consequences of nightmare wifi problems.
Also Disable the TurboQAM on it.

[Image: wrt3200acm-3x-wifi-settings.PNG]

And the Result Will allow 866 Mbps Link Rate Connections (If devices support it) SOLID.

Tested thoroughly on the WRT3200ACM

Also Applies to the WRT1900AC, AC v2, ACS and ACS v2 and the WRT1200AC

*** NOTE THAT ON THE WRT1900AC V1 that it also likes Channel 36 with +6 Upper Extension, although the signal strength will be a little lower.

Now Enjoy stability

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