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Why should I buy a DD-WRT router from SploitWorks?
Simply put, sure you can buy a router, take the time to learn how to flash it, and if everything goes well, you will have flashed your own router. If only it is that easy. The guides for teaching this skill are poorly written and usually by tech guys who have zero business writing manuals or speak other languages. The end result is usually bad for you. A Bricked Router. Don’t be one of the many who try to save a few $$$ and do it yourself if you don’t need to.

At SploitWorks we don’t believe in sugar coating nonsense to make a sale or oversell you on equipment you don’t need. So let’s get to the point.

We purchase “Bricked” routers from people who think it’s easy to do this. We are very successful at this because we can easily identify the symptoms. We also are able to pick higher end routers up for cheap because they were rendered useless and unrecoverable to the person who attempted to flash them and instead bricked them. And we have the skills and equipment to bring them back to life and customize them.

This is why if you spend a few extra dollars with us, you will actually get the same product or speeds our competition sells but for far less.

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