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What VPN Service do you primarily recommend?
Q) What VPN Service do you primarily recommend to buy or RUN FROM?

Good to BUY:

[Image: pia-small-swtrusted.png]

PrivateInternetAccess for America and a few other countries, because they are affordable, and zero logging policy. They are extremely affordable and very few problems.They also allow 128 AES Encryption for routers which speeds up the connection. We cant say enough about this service. They just "Get it" and know what customers need. Very easy and reliable service with minimal hassles. Don't believe any smut out there on the net, that's usually competition or someone who didn't know what to do (PEBKAC). Trust us, we have not had 1 customer complain about this service. Only thing we wish they would do is expand to a few more US States like Tennessee, Utah and North Dakota for a better demographic coverage for faster speeds for certain customers. Other than that we love em.

However, for largest cover areas we suggest IPVanish because they have their own Tier1 Network. However for IPVanish we are unsure of their logging practices. Their speeds are ultra fast also.

Be aware that expensive is not always better when it comes to VPN services.


PUREVPN - In all fairness we can connect to them. However, their tech support sucks and their servers are extremely flaky. Very slow service also in a lot of areas. Wierd Proxy errors and slow slow slow load times.

NordVPN - Servers Die constantly. They have different certificates per server also. Super Annoying if you want to change servers on the router. Difficulty for customers is high.

ExpressVPN - Their Certificate system sucks. Have to generate keys per customer. Kinda cool for super security freaks, not so cool for customers with routers. However, we can install them and their service in all fairness is reliable.

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