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Will a VPN router slow my overall internet connection down?
Q) Will a VPN router slow my overall internet connection down?

A) Installation of a VPN on a router may slow your internet connection down significantly depending on how fast your connection is and what encryption you are using and what router model you choose. This will only affect people who have internet pipes larger than 15Mbps download or up. On average (for example) a Netgear WNDR3800 can process at 20Mbps Max. This is a processor limitation for that model of router. For Faster VPN speeds you need a faster Router. Take into consideration our Netgear R6300v2 which processes at about 30Mbps and then the Netgear R7000 which can Process at about 40Mbps.

Our current fastest routers VPN between 60+ Mbps and 110 Mbps
These are our:
1) Asus-RT68U 60+ Mbps
2) Linksys WRT1200AC - 85+ Mbps
3) Linksys WRT1900ACS - 100+ Mbps
The routers have Mobile Processors that can only decrypt and encrypt data at a certain speed. Many companies will not tell you this.
However, if you are doing average surfing or torrent downloads on multiple devices then it is best to protect your whole network.

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