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How to setup your Wifi and Wifi Security
You will need to hook up the Cat5 from your pc or laptop to access the router correctly. If the router came from us directly you can access over wifi because the router is default open to the public and not secure. This manual will help you Lock it down.

Login to your router at (Or if we set it up as a VPN Configuration to attach to a primary router
Default Router Username: root
Default Router Password:  admin,

Step 1 - [Setting up your DNS Settings]

(Make sure they look like below) And scroll to the bottom and press Apply)

We recommend googles dns servers and open dns servers - Google Primary - OpenDNS Primary - Google Secondary - OpenDNS Secondary

[Image: how-to-setup-wifi-step1.png]

Step 2 - [Securing the 2Ghz Radio]

Go to the Wireless Tab and then Basic Settings Tab
Change the 2.4 Ghz Radio SSID to something like “MyRouter2.4” or “DDWRT2.4”

[Image: how-to-setup-wifi-step2.png]

Step 3 - [Securing the 5 Ghz Radio]

Now we do the same for the 5ghz (Fastest Wifi Radio)
Scroll to the bottom and press Apply. You should now see you Wifi Radio’s changed on the laptops and devices you are connecting with will see your new wifi name. When you search for the Nearest wifi signals.

[Image: how-to-setup-wifi-step3.png]

Step 4 - [Securing the WiFi]

Now you need to secure your WiFi Security

Select your Wireless Tab and then the Wireless Security Tab
Setup your SSID Shared Keys to something you will remember at-least 8 Characters (We suggest 12 with special characters) After you have your settings looking like this press apply. 
[Image: how-to-setup-wifi-step4.png]

 Step 5 - [Securing Your Router Access]

Last but not least you need to secure your router Username and Password to Access the Router.
Enter what you want CAREFULLY into the boxes below. If you mess the username up you will not be able to login and need to reset your router and start all over. Write your settings down.
After you have your settings as below scroll to the bottom and press apply. That’s it!

[Image: how-to-setup-wifi-step5.png]

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